How to Start Cloth Diapering

cloth diaper

I’ve always wanted to cloth diaper any kids that we have. There are many reasons for that! My mom used cloth for my siblings, so I’m pretty used to it. Also, I really cringe at the thought of my baby sitting in bleached chemical filled fibers all day. Unfortunately, I did not get to start my journey of using cloth diapers with Zeke as soon as I wanted because, well, he was a preemie, and in the NICU the go-to is Pampers. My poor babe would get diaper rashes and I could not wait for him to grow and get home so we could use cloth. I had some normal size pocket diapers by Alva Baby that were given to me, but they were too big for him, so my family helped me out by getting me some preemie size and some local mamas helped me as well, selling me some used newborn size and one mama even let me borrow the stash she used for her precious little girl. (Zeke is totally going to rock some pink floral cloth diapers.) I have a pretty good mix of different kinds of diapers, and I am still learning all the different styles. Here is a glimpse of some of my stash for Zeke:


Anyways, with this mix of new/used diapers I knew I needed to wash the used and strip the new, so why not do it all together?  I know I am probably not doing this how some mamas would, using specific laundry detergent and what not, but due to my allergies and sensitivities we will be using two of the most versatile (and Jenny-friendly) cleaners known to mankind- Dawn dishsoap and Borax!


My first step was to separate all the inserts and covers and throw them in the washer that way everything got washed evenly.


Next I added about 1/2 cup Borax and a big swirl of Dawn. (sorry for not being exact)


I washed the diapers on heavy duty, hot water. After this cycle was done, I put the washer on two extra rinse cycles to get all the Dawn out.

After the diapers are done, put them in the dryer on high.

Now you are ready to cloth diaper!


My little man is loving his cloth! We have been putting all the dirties in a wet bag from Alva Baby, and using wet wipes to wipe what we can of the poop out before putting them in the wet bag. I washed the first load of soiled diapers today and used the same wash settings as above and they are all clean. I do notice some slight stains but from what other mamas have told me I think I can fix it by laying them out in the sun. I will update this post after I try it! For now, enjoy cloth diapering your babies and enjoy this picture of my little fluffy butt!